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The world’s largest vacuum boiler started from LIJU

After October 2013 ,most of North china have started heating one after the other. Most parts of the country there has been fog and haze weather because of air pollution.In order to reduce the emission of atmospheric pollutants,coal-fired boilers were knocked down this year ,Heating use gas-fired boilers instead of coal-fired boilers because natural gas is clean energy.

LIJU gas-fired vacuum boilers has been the first selection of customers in Beijing 、 Shanxi、Qinghai 、Xinjiang and so on because of its safety and reliability、high-efficiency and energy-saving.LIJU have offered tens of 20t/h vacuum boilers in order to meet large area gas-heating . At present ,LIJU is also the only company which can make above 10t/h vacuum boilers all over the world .LIJU will continue to offer better products and service for users with heart and soul .

20t/h vacuum boilers are lifting in workshop

20t/h vacuum boilers are ready for off.

20t/h vacuum boilers are ready for off.

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