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The vacuum hot water boiler belongs to the leading product of LIJU. The earliest vacuum hot water boiler has worked stably for more than ten years .This kind of boiler mainly supply heating or hot water. It’s ideal product for domestic heating. The vacuum hot water has many advantages ,which include Safety and reliability ,low operating costs ,long life, simple maintenance and management, requiring no license or inspection etc. The heating range of a single unit is from 0.1MW to 14.0MW(equal to 20 tons boiler.It can satisfy various needs of different users.

The main parameters:
The range of output power :10万大卡/小时~1200万大卡/小时
Heat exchanger model: Heating, hot water heat exchanger
Fuels:Diesel,natural gas,city gas,LPG
Main applications:Heating for buildings, apartment buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, sports centers,public spa, swimming pools, other leisure facilities.



Model Rated Heating Capacity Power Supply Electric power Natural Gas Light Oil Exhaust stack diameter Weight
ZRY(Q)-10 10×104kcal/h 220/50(V/Hz) 0.25kw 12.3Nm3/h 10.5kg/h DN100(mm) 0.9T
ZRY(Q)-15 15×104kcal/h 220/50(V/Hz) 0.25kw 18.5Nm3/h 15.7kg/h DN150(mm) 1.4T
ZRY(Q)-20 20×104kcal/h 220/50(V/Hz) 0.43kw 24.7Nm3/h 20.9kg/h DN150(mm) 1.9T
ZRY(Q)-30 30×104kcal/h 380/50(V/Hz) 0.8kw 37.0Nm3/h 31.4kg/h DN200(mm) 2.1T
ZRY(Q)-40 40×104kcal/h 380/50(V/Hz) 1.0kw 49.4Nm3/h 41.8kg/h DN200(mm) 2.4T
ZRY(Q)-50 50×104kcal/h 380/50(V/Hz) 1.4kw 61.7Nm3/h 52.2kg/h DN250(mm) 2.9T
ZRY(Q)-60 60×104kcal/h 380/50(V/Hz) 1.4kw 74.1Nm3/h 62.7kg/h DN250(mm) 3.1T
ZRY(Q)-80 80×104kcal/h 380/50(V/Hz) 1.8kw 98.8Nm3/h 83.6kg/h DN300(mm) 3.8T
ZRY(Q)-100 100×104kcal/h 380/50(V/Hz) 2.6kw 123.4Nm3/h 104.5kg/h DN300(mm) 4.5T
ZRY(Q)-120 120×104kcal/h 380/50(V/Hz) 4.0kw 148.1Nm3/h 125.4kg/h DN350(mm) 5.1T
ZRY(Q)-150 150×104kcal/h 380/50(V/Hz) 5.5kw 185.2Nm3/h 156.8kg/h DN400(mm) 7.1T
ZRY(Q)-180 180×104kcal/h 380/50(V/Hz) 6.5kw 222.2Nm3/h 188.1kg/h DN450(mm) 7.8T
ZRY(Q)-200 200×104kcal/h 380/50(V/Hz) 6.5kw 246.9Nm3/h 209.1kg/h DN450(mm) 8.3T
ZRY(Q)-240 240×104kcal/h 380/50(V/Hz) 6.5kw 296.3Nm3/h 250.8kg/h DN500(mm) 9.9T
ZRY(Q)-300 300×104kcal/h 380/50(V/Hz) 9.0kw 370.3Nm3/h 313kg/h DN550(mm) 13.4T
ZRY(Q)-360 360×104kcal/h 380/50(V/Hz) 10.5kw 444.3Nm3/h 376.2kg/h DN600(mm) 17.2T


380/50(V/Hz) 25kw 592.5Nm3/h - DN700(mm) 24.4T
ZRY(Q)-600 600×104kcal/h 380/50(V/Hz) 25kw 740.6Nm3/h - DN800(mm) 28.7T
ZRY(Q)-900 900×104kcal/h 380/50(V/Hz) 45kw 1111Nm3/h - DN900(mm) 46.5T
ZRY(Q)-1200 1200×104kcal/h 380/50(V/Hz) 55kw 1481Nm3/h - DN1200(mm) 57.8T
  • Heat exchanger A :The difference temperature △t=10°C ,Supply and return water temperature :50/60°C.It’s suitable for the heat circulation of floor heating and central air-conditioning.;
  • Heat exchanger B :The difference temperature △t=20°C,Supply and return water temperature :40/60°C,It’s suitable for hot water circulating.
  • Heat exchanger C :The difference temperature △t=25°C ,Supply and return water temperature :50/75°C(or 60/85°C),It’s suitable for the heat circulation of heating radiator;
  • Standard pressure of heat exchanger is 1.0MPa; pressure of pressure-tolerant unit is 1.6 MPa or 2.0 MPa;
  • Adjusting range of hot water flow: 50~120%;Adjusting range of unit capacity: 20~100%;
  • • Rated exhaust temperature(gas-fired boiler):130°C±10°C;Exhaust pressure: 1~20Pa;
  • The electric power above is about gas-fired unit ,if you get the electric power of Oil-fired boiler ,please contact us.
  • The above specification is based on the following values: Low heating value of fuel: Natural gas 8600kcal/Nm3,Light oil (0# diesel):10400kcal/Nm3;
  • The parameters above are only for reference ,please consult us for details.


Model Gas-fired Length(mm) Oil-fired Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm)
ZRY(Q)-10 1810 1715 800 1470
ZRY(Q)-15 2240 2145 960 1600
ZRY(Q)-20 2430 2320 960 1600
ZRY(Q)-30 2680 2570 1000 1670
ZRY(Q)-40 2730 2620 1000 1750
ZRY(Q)-50 3090 2930 1150 1900
ZRY(Q)-60 3300 3140 1150 1870
ZRY(Q)-80 3320 3160 1250 2000
ZRY(Q)-100 3340 3180 1360 2150
ZRY(Q)-120 3540 3380 1360 2160
ZRY(Q)-150 4155 3995 1600 2390
ZRY(Q)-180 4572 4395 1600 2390
ZRY(Q)-200 4622 4750 1600 2430
ZRY(Q)-240 5275 4950 1800 2660
ZRY(Q)-300 5525 5270 2100 2860
ZRY(Q)-360 5925 5670 2100 2990
ZRY(Q)-480 6725 - 2400 3350
ZRY(Q)-600 7400 - 2600 3470
ZRY(Q)-900 9395 - 2450 3270
ZRY(Q)-1200 10595 - 2600 3400