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Electric vacuum hot water boiler

Electric vacuum hot water boiler is a new types of electric boiler heating equipment,which was developed by LIJU and Zhejiang University together. The product introduced vacuum condensation heat exchanger technology from Showa iron in Japan and solved scaling easily and short life-span of electric heating pipe of traditional electric boiler through applying built-in exchanger heating indirectly .In addition , the unit was equipped with imported high-performance electric components and imported electric controlling components ,which extend run time of the unit without errors substantially ,the life-span can last for over 20 years. Electric Vacuum Hot Water Boiler has many features ,for example , safety and reliability, long life-span ,high efficiency, simple maintenance etc.

Main parameters :
The range of output power:5×104kal~240×104kal(0.06MW~2.79MW)
Heat exchanger Model: Heating, hot water heat exchanger, four-circuits at most are available.
Fuels: electric
Main applications:Places of power resource-rich or low power.



Model Heating load Power Supply(V/Hz) Electric power Weight
ZRD-5 5×104kcal/h 380/50 60kw 0.65T
ZRD-10 10×104kcal/h 380/50 120kw 0.75T
ZRD-15 15×104kcal/h 380/50 180kw 0.9T
ZRD-20 20×104kcal/h 380/50 240kw 1.1T
ZRD-30 30×104kcal/h 380/50 360kw 1.3T
ZRD-40 40×104kcal/h 380/50 480kw 1.5T
ZRD-50 50×104kcal/h 380/50 600kw 2T
ZRD-60 60×104kcal/h 380/50 720kw 2.5T
ZRD-80 80×104kcal/h 380/50 960kw 3.4T
ZRD-100 100×104kcal/h 380/50 1200kw 3.9T
ZRD-120 120×104kcal/h 380/50 1440kw 4.5T
ZRD-150 150×104kcal/h 380/50 1800kw 5.3T
ZRD-180 180×104kcal/h 380/50 2100kw 7.8T
ZRD-200 200×104kcal/h 380/50 2400kw 8.4T
ZRD-240 240×104kcal/h 380/50 2880kw 9.4T
  • Adjustment range of hot water flow: 50-120%
  • Adjustment range of unit power: 20-100%
  • Power supply: three-phase five-wire system; diameter of the wire should qualifythe national standard of copper wire, and the standard should be amplified when the wire is placed underground, through a pipe or when several wires are used together; the diameter of null line and ground electrode should not be more than 50% lower than the diameter of the phase line.
  • The open circuits of the user’s distribution box should pair one by one with those of the unit.
  • Distribution box of unit below ZRD-60 should leave the factory along with the main unit; distribution box of unit above ZRD-80 should leave the factory separated from the main unit, and the wire connecting between distribution box and the main unit will be performed by UNIPOWER on site (the standard distance is 1.2 meters).
  • The volumes of power supply wire and electrical transformer are reference values and they don’t belong to the supply scope of UNIPOWER. Please decide according to on spot situation.


Model Length(mm) Width of main unit(mm) Width of control cabinet(mm) Height(mm)
ZRD-5 1250 700 400 1100
ZRD-10 1250 700 400 1200
ZRD-15 1350 800 400 1200
ZRD-20 1600 800 400 1260
ZRD-30 1600 900 400 1390
ZRD-40 1600 1000 400 1520
ZRD-50 1600 1040 400 1550
ZRD-60 2200 1100 400 1700
ZRD-80 2200 1200 700 1800
ZRD-100 2200 1300 700 1850
ZRD-120 2200 1400 700 1900
ZRD-150 2200 1500 700 2000
ZRD-180 2700 1800 700 2400
ZRD-200 2800 2000 700 2600
ZRD-240 3000 2000 700 2700