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The fifth generation condensation hot water boiler

The fifth generation condensation hot water boiler , a new product of LIJU, is an innovative and energy-saving product in gas-fired heating area. Its efficiency reaches up to 103% ( Low heating value of fuel).The condensation hot water unit decreases the exhaust temperature through flue gas heat exchange system, which condenses the vapor in the flue gas and releases heat. The unit then absorbs the condensation heat and improves the operation efficiency significantly. Compared with the fifth generation hot water boiler without condensation device ,the fifth generation condensation hot water boiler can save above 10% and reduce NOx ,COx emission substantially, which brings users the brand new experience with energy-conserving and environment-protective product.

The main parameters:
The range of output power:60万大卡~1200万大卡(0.7兆瓦~14.0兆瓦)
Heat exchanger Model:Heating exchanger
Fuels:natural gas
Main applications:Central air conditioning heating 、residential district heating etc.



Model Rated Heating Capacity Power Supply Electric power Natural Gas Consumption Exhaust stack diameter Condensation water pipe Weight
ZRQ-60-L 60×104kcal/h 380/50V/Hz 1.4kw 67.7Nm3/h DN250(mm) DN25(mm) 3.8T
ZRQ-80-L 80×104kcal/h 380/50V/Hz 1.8kw 90.3Nm3/h DN300(mm) DN25(mm) 4.6T
ZRQ-100-L 100×104kcal/h 380/50V/Hz 2.6kw 112.9Nm3/h DN300(mm) DN25(mm) 5.5T
ZRQ-120-L 120×104kcal/h 380/50V/Hz 4.0kw 135.5Nm3/h DN350(mm) DN25(mm) 6.5T
ZRQ-150-L 150×104kcal/h 380/50V/Hz 5.5kw 169.3Nm3/h DN400(mm) DN32(mm) 8.4T
ZRQ-180-L 180×104kcal/h 380/50V/Hz 6.5kw 203.2Nm3/h DN450(mm) DN32(mm) 8.8T
ZRQ-200-L 200×104kcal/h 380/50V/Hz 6.5kw 225.8Nm3/h DN450(mm) DN32(mm) 9.5T
ZRQ-240-L 240×104kcal/h 380/50V/Hz 6.5kw 270.9Nm3/h DN500(mm) DN32(mm) 11.2T
ZRQ-300-L 300×104kcal/h 380/50V/Hz 9kw 338.7Nm3/h DN550(mm) DN40(mm) 14.9T
ZRQ-360-L 360×104kcal/h 380/50V/Hz 10.5kw 406.4Nm3/h DN600(mm) DN40(mm) 19T
ZRQ-480-L 480×104kcal/h 380/50V/Hz 25kw 541.9Nm3/h DN700(mm) DN50(mm) 27.1T
ZRQ-600-L 600×104kcal/h 380/50V/Hz 25kw 677.4Nm3/h DN800(mm) DN50(mm) 32.2T
ZRQ-900-L 900×104kcal/h 380/50V/Hz 45kw 1016Nm3/h DN800(mm) DN50(mm) 51.5T
ZRQ-1200-L 1200×104kcal/h 380/50V/Hz 55kw 1355Nm3/h DN800(mm) DN50(mm) 63.4T
  • The condensation vacuum hot water boiler is suitable for heating but not for domestic hot water .
  • The standard pressure of heat exchanger is 1.0MPa, The pressure of pressure proof unit is 2.0 MPa .
  • Gas consumption data is based on Low heating value of natural gas(8600kcal/Nm3).
  • The parameters above are only for reference ,please consult us for details.


Model Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Body length(mm)
ZRQ-60 3900 1150 1930 2960
ZRQ-80 4020 1250 2000 3080
ZRQ-100 4040 1360 2270 3100
ZRQ-120 4290 1360 2330 3350
ZRQ-150 5005 1600 2530 4050
ZRQ-180 5472 1600 2560 4500
ZRQ-200 5572 1600 2390 4600
ZRQ-240 6275 1800 2560 4850
ZRQ-300 6625 2100 2860 5200
ZRQ-360 7125 2100 2910 5700
ZRQ-480 7945 2400 3290 6500
ZRQ-600 8294 2600 3400 6600
ZRQ-900 9395 2450 3270 7595
ZRQ-1200 10595 2600 3400 8695