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Fully premixed vacuum hot water boiler

LIJU introduces the premixed technology from Germany and Nozzle combustion technology from Panasonic in Japan ,then LIJU developed a new generation YHZRQ Fully Premixed Vacuum Hot Water Boiler,which reduced in size 30% ,weight 50% and noise 60% than hot water boiler of diffusion combustion.Fully Premixed Vacuum Hot Water Boiler can save investments on gas pressure-regulating station because it uses domestic gas. The unit can mute burn completely by applying multi-layer of sound insulation technology ,if in outdoor ,there is no sound.

The main parameters:
The range of output power:30万大卡~60万大卡
Heat exchanger model:Heating, hot water heat exchanger
Fuels:natural gas
Main applications:hot water for hotels and small area heating etc.



Model Rated Heating Capacity Power Supply Electric power Natural Gas Gas Diameter Exhaust stack diameter Weight
YHZRQ-30 30×104kcal/h 220/50(V/Hz) 0.4kw 37.1Nm3/h DN40 350×300(mm) 1200kg
YHZRQ-45 45×104kcal/h 220/50(V/Hz) 0.7kw 55.7Nm3/h DN40 400×350(mm) 1700kg
YHZRQ-60 60×104kcal/h 220/50(V/Hz) 1.1kw 74.2Nm3/h DN50 450×400(mm) 2000kg
  • The above specification is based on the following values: Low heating value of fuel: Natural gas 8600kcal/Nm3
  • All of the heat exchanger are manufacture by standards for hot water quality;
  • The parameters above are only for reference ,please consult us for details.


Model Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm)
YHZRQ-30 1860 860 1770
YHZRQ-45 2100 960 1880
YHZRQ-60 2210 1060 2080